Emission de Blues sur R.A.M. / Mardi 20h et Samedi 13h

- Une émission (a radio show) de Michel FATON – CROSS’BLUES (16 rue de la Viste – 05000 – GAP), membre du Collectif des Radios Blues –
- Activity (no payment) : Member of Collectif des Radios Blues ( )
- Member of association EDEN DISTRICT BLUES ( )
- BE CAREFUL : If you receive demands (requests) of sending of CD of persons telling to be members of the COLLECTIVE OF RADIOS BLUES, verify their membership in this association (C.R.B. ) and look at the listening of … If the name of your caller is not in the listing… is an swindler…because all members of COLLECTIF DES RADIOS BLUES are exclusively on our listing. 1000 thanks for your sends (CD, demo, albums…)

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